Super Success Hypnosis MP3

Guided Hypnosis With Soothing Background Music

Having difficulty staying motivated to achieve your goals? Perhaps you could use some help visualizing them? Let “Super Success” be your secret weapon for transforming your subconscious mind into a high-powered, ultra-motivated, goal-reaching machine!

This powerful program will not only help you visualize your current goals (so you can keep those eyes on the prize!), but it will also fill you with positively motivating suggestions for increased confidence, energy, creativity, focus, clarity and determination.

“Super Success” reaches your mind in two ways: with both a brief, guided visualization *and* lots of powerful, beneficial *direct hypnotic suggestions*. Like all of my hypnosis programs, it begins with a deeply relaxing hypnotic induction, and is backed with gorgeous, custom music, that will lull you into a blissfully enjoyable, highly effective trance state.

Program your subconscious mind for success and prosperity with “Super Success”. Also includes suggestions that promote confidence, goal-focus, enhanced energy, positive thinking, increased creativity, and improved relationships.

Hypnosis with soft background music. Not to be listened to while driving!

“My expectations from this recording were very high. Since you are well known as a skillful master hypnotist and since I had used other recordings like ‘Sleep Now’ with very good results before, I hoped for something that really could improve my day to day life. And after using it only for a few days now, I can say that my expectations were even exceeded. Even from the first listening session on, I could feel the positive effects. And they improved with every time I listened to the recording. I noticed that I have much more energy at work and in my daily activities. Together with an increased ability to focus on the tasks I am assigned to, and an increased confidence in my own skills, my overall productivity has significantly increased. This is an amazing effect! And since I first realized it, I have had a wonderful feeling of contentment about my own improvements. (A wonderful side effect of this is that I tend to smile more often.)”

Just A Few Of The Powerful Hypnotic Suggestions Included In This Program:

“Every day, in every way, your thinking, your beliefs and your actions are becoming more effective and more productive. Your life is improving more quickly and more easily than you ever thought possible. Your feelings of satisfaction and confidence increase daily.”

“You project confidence and serenity. Because your mind is clear and relaxed, you are far more focused and alert. Less stress in your life means you have more energy and are far more productive. Your energy is boundless, and you radiate purpose and dynamic vitality. You are efficient, effective, productive and prolific. Your achievements become more impressive with every passing day as you continue to grow toward your full potential.”

“You are discovering many talents that are now emerging from your subconscious mind, and you are letting your imagination work for you. Your creativity is beginning to flourish and thrive. You nurture and encourage your imagination, your dreams, and your creative impulses. Your artist self flourishes in this new, supportive environment. The embers of your creative spirit are once again a vibrant flame, a fire of energy, passion and originality. Unique, imaginative ideas flow from your mind in abundance. As your thinking becomes more and more positive, you develop more energy and passion for living. You have a great gift to share with the world and you do so joyously and enthusiastically…”

Sample Clip of “Super Success”:

Super Success MP3 • Approx. 39 mins. • Available On Amazon Soon!

More Customer Comments:

“I have used your classic ‘Super Success’ with great effects on my personal life. But the new ‘Super Success’ is even better. The first thing I noticed is the fact that the sound quality, which was good on the original, is excellent on this one. This brings out the natural soothing quality of your really beautiful voice. The background music, which helps me a lot by shielding a listening session from the sounds of the outside world, suits the situation and your voice perfectly. It adds very much to the hypnotic effect of your voice.”

“So this recording helped me a lot to overcome my weaker self and get things started. I still have to do things myself, but your positive suggestions are a great help in achieving my goals. Thank you for such a great, useful recording at such a reasonable price.”

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