Sleep Deeply Now Hypnosis MP3

Fall asleep to guided hypnosis with soothing background music!

Fall asleep to guided hypnosis! If you have difficulty falling asleep, and often find yourself tossing and turning with your mind spinning away, you will love “Sleep Deeply Now!”, which was designed especially to lull listeners into a deep, restful slumber.

Unlike other hypnosis programs, “Sleep Deeply Now!” was created ESPECIALLY TO FALL ASLEEP TO. It will keep your “active mind” busy with visualizations and various hypnotic commands, while it soothes and relaxes you into a blissful and restful sleep.

My velvety voice is backed with sweet, dreamy music (which I specifically chose for its happy, soothing tone to promote pleasant dreams). The program guides you into sleep and then fades away without a distracting awakening count at the end. This allows you to sleep deeply and restfully and to awaken naturally in the morning. Use this program with an audio system that will shut off automatically. Finally get a good night’s rest with “Sleep Deeply Now!”.

Hypnosis with soft background music. Not to be listened to while driving!

“Thank you so much for all the blissful sleep I’ve gotten since I began using ‘Sleep Deeply Now’. Hypnosis recordings never were able to put me to sleep in the past, actually keeping me awake as long as I was hearing them. Perhaps conditioning with ‘Deep Hypnotic Conditioning’ (also an excellent program) made the difference. Or perhaps it was your superlative skill and velvety voice. In any case, I have been falling asleep whenever I need to, even when on erratic shifts and/or night shifts. ‘Sleep Deeply Now’ has joined my day planner and wristwatch on the list of ‘things I can’t live without.’ Thank you, Lady Hypnotist!”

“I am a night shift worker often working 12 hour shifts, but yet frequently I find it difficult to sleep. Once that morning sun hits the eyes, even after two years, I still feel myself overcome with feelings of wakefulness, both mentally and physically. Well let me tell you, that purchase (of ‘Sleep Deeply Now’) has already made itself useful and will be for much time to come. ‘Sleep Deeply Now’ easily pulls me down and I expect it would do the same for any person who tried to listen and make it through one session without falling into a deep and blissful dreamy sleep. In minutes I can feel myself passing a point of no return and once that cloud has surrounded me and lulled me into a deep relaxation it is all over and goodnight. Truly, I thank you for making such a powerful and effective program. If only I could have found this years ago. Lady Hypnotist, you have an outstanding voice and style, and your work is beyond impressive…”

Just A Few Of The Powerful Hypnotic Suggestions Included In This Program:

“…You’re sinking so deep, feeling so good, so peaceful, so relaxed, so empty and still. Your mind and body floating in a cloud now. Feeling warm, melty, peaceful and dreamy. Warm, melty, peaceful and dreamy. Sinking deeper down with every word I speak, deeper down with every number I count, deeper down with every easy breath that you take…”

“Sinking deep, deep down, down into the surface beneath you. And the more you relax, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more relaxed you become. It’s inevitable. Your mind and body are feeling so tired now, so tired and sleepy, so very sleepy and relaxed. Every word I speak is taking you deeper and deeper down into blissful, peaceful, healing sleep And that feels so good. The more you relax, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more relaxed you become…”

“Imagine that your dream continues. Your beautiful dream of sleeping in the most comfortable, soft, supportive bed you can imagine. A bed that feels like a cloud. And, above you, the sky is filled with softly glowing stars. And everything is perfect. You feel, calm, safe and peaceful. Supported completely. Feeling so safe, so protected. So warm and cozy. Moving down now into deep, restful slumber. You will awaken on schedule, feeling perfectly rested and refreshed. Perfectly rested and refreshed. Sleep now…”

Sample Clip of “Sleep Deeply Now”:

Sleep Deeply Now MP3 • Approx. 33 mins. • Available On Amazon Soon!

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More Customer Comments:

“Last night I listened to ‘Sleep Deeply Now!’ for the first time. This morning I woke up refreshed, without my alarm clock, for the first time in months. All the tension and worries that usually keep me up at night just melted away. Its wonderful to have so much energy with which to face the day…”

“Listened to ‘Sleep Deeply Now!’ last night and it is so different from the previous version. Longer, a very gentle induction, wonderful, soothing captivating music in the background. Best of all is your soothing, calm, guiding voice leading one into a very relaxed and sleepy state. Several times while listening I lost track of where the induction was taking me. By the time the countdown was reached I was ready to float off to sleep. The music track is like an ocean wave lapping a beach, in the background, not intrusive, very subtle and calming. This is a very powerful hypnotic aid to sleep…”

“With the new recording the good has become even better. I instantly noticed the music which is just great. It perfectly fits the purpose and leaves your wonderful voice room to shine and float. But the most remarkable thing about the new recording are the changes you have made to the script… When I listened to it yesterday for the first time I just had had five! cups of coffee and was wide awake and a bit psyched…Although I didn’t feel like going to bed at all I couldn’t resist the urge to listen to the new recording, so I went to bed instantly and started the recording. And honestly I cannot say how the recording ends, because I simply fell asleep way before its ending…”

“’Sleep Deeply Now’ is sooo pleasing and relaxing. I plan on falling asleep to it every night and will be listening to your other CDs as soon as possible…”

“I look forward to falling to sleep to that wonderful and hypnotic voice every night…”

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