Quick Relax Hypnosis MP3

Fast, Easy Relaxation & Rejuvenation – Hypnosis With Soothing Background Music

“Quick Relax” was created especially for those who are crazy-busy, stressed out, having trouble sleeping at night, unable to unwind, and otherwise in need of some quick, effective, de-stressing. I received lots of requests for such a program—something that wouldn’t be too long to fit into the average work day but would be both enjoyable in the moment and effective in enhancing relaxation long-term—and this is it!

“Quick Relax” is relatively short (less than 30 minutes!); it’s effective (lots of good relaxation and trance deepening techniques); and it’s an excellent use of your time, because it’s also filled with suggestions for feeling more relaxed throughout your day and sleeping better at night! Plus you will *love* how good it makes you feel!

As an added bonus, “Quick Relax” guides you through creating a “relaxation anchor” that you can use any time, anywhere, to bring up feelings of calm, relaxation and well-being. This program is backed with beautiful, soothing, uplifting music that, combined with the hypnosis session itself, will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Your mind, your body, and your friends and family will be sooo glad you’ve started using “Quick Relax”!

Hypnosis with soft background music. Not to be listened to while driving!

“Right after downloading the new ‘Quick Relax’, I listened to it and I am really happy with the relaxing effect it had on me. The sound quality is excellent and there is beautiful music in the background. Your voice sounds so soothing and warm, I could easily relax right at my desk during lunchbreak. I have used other recordings from you with great benefit and I will surely train with this one in the upcoming weeks to improve my ability to relax during a stressful everyday life. Oh, and thank you for making me be all smiles!”

“I just finished listening to ‘Quick Relax’ again and as usual it left me feeling very peaceful, yet pleasantly energized. It’s as if I am ready to take on all of the day’s tasks with renewed vigor and a very nice, mellow attitude. Every single time I use this recording it just seems to get better and better at blowing away all my tension! The quality of this recording is very impressive, and the background music compliments your velvety voice quite nicely without being distracting. Your voice shines through with amazing clarity, quickly and gently soothing me down into a deeply pleasant relaxation. ‘Quick Relax’ starts off with multiple trance-deepening inductions which cleared every single ounce of stress from my mind and body, leaving me blissfully oblivious to everything but your words and a dim awareness of how deeply hypnotized I was. Any time I use the ‘relaxation anchor’ it quickly and efficiently calms my nerves and clears away whatever anxiety I’m feeling at the time. It has already been very useful in my day to day life and seems to be getting more effective the more I use this recording—thank you so very much for this wonderful gift!”

Just A Few Of The Powerful Hypnotic Suggestions Included In This Program:

“You recognize the importance of recharging your mind, your creativity and your energy by taking time out to relax daily. When nighttime comes, you easily unwind and fall asleep. You sleep deeply and restfully. You awaken on schedule, feeling rested and refreshed, eager to begin your day. You get the perfect amount of sleep for you. The better you sleep at night, the more energy you have in the daytime. The more energetic and active you are in the daytime, the better you sleep at night…”

“When you awaken from this session, you’ll feel blissfully recharged, revived, happy and renewed, perfect in every way…You’ll bring this renewed energy, clarity, creativity and serenity up with you, upon awakening, and it will be surprisingly long lasting…”

Sample Clip of “Quick Relax”:

Quick Relax MP3 • Approx. 26 mins. • Available On Amazon Soon!

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More Customer Comments:

“Last night I listened to ‘Sleep Deeply Now!’ for the first time. This morning I woke up refreshed, without my alarm clock, for the first time in months. All the tension and worries that usually keep me up at night just melted away. Its wonderful to have so much energy with which to face the day…”

“Listened to ‘Sleep Deeply Now!’ last night and it is so different from the previous version. Longer, a very gentle induction, wonderful, soothing captivating music in the background. Best of all is your soothing, calm, guiding voice leading one into a very relaxed and sleepy state. Several times while listening I lost track of where the induction was taking me. By the time the countdown was reached I was ready to float off to sleep. The music track is like an ocean wave lapping a beach, in the background, not intrusive, very subtle and calming. This is a very powerful hypnotic aid to sleep…”

“With the new recording the good has become even better. I instantly noticed the music which is just great. It perfectly fits the purpose and leaves your wonderful voice room to shine and float. But the most remarkable thing about the new recording are the changes you have made to the script… When I listened to it yesterday for the first time I just had had five! cups of coffee and was wide awake and a bit psyched…Although I didn’t feel like going to bed at all I couldn’t resist the urge to listen to the new recording, so I went to bed instantly and started the recording. And honestly I cannot say how the recording ends, because I simply fell asleep way before its ending…”

“’Sleep Deeply Now’ is sooo pleasing and relaxing. I plan on falling asleep to it every night and will be listening to your other CDs as soon as possible…”

“I look forward to falling to sleep to that wonderful and hypnotic voice every night…”

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