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For more than fifteen years, Lady Hypnotist has been a popular Nationally Performing Stage Hypnotist and a trained and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has hypnotized, literally, thousands of subjects, in many different situations, and for a wide variety of topics.

Throughout her years as a professional hypnotist, Lady Hyp has demonstrated her hypnotic expertise and knowledge live on dozens of radio and tv broadcasts across the country. She has performed hundreds of hypnosis stage shows throughout the U.S., during which she hypnotizes her volunteers live on stage as part of the show. Her clients have included major corporations, the U.S. Military, colleges, comedy clubs, and Las Vegas showrooms.

Radio Hypnosis…?

Hearing someone who is hypnotized say wild and crazy things over the air is hilarious! Learning about hypnosis and hearing the answers to “phoned in” questions is irresistibly interesting. Lady Hypnotist has plenty of experience doing both of these formats. She enjoys radio very much and is a comfortable, spontaneous, entertaining and informative guest.

However, Lady Hyp does not do the actual hypnotic induction over the air! Think about it: someone is driving along the freeway on their way to work and, suddenly, the local morning show guest begins to murmur, “You are getting veeeerrrrry sleeeeeeppppyyyyy…..” Not a good idea!

If your radio or tv program is searching for an experienced media hypnotist, use the Contact Form to inquire about Lady Hypnotist’s availability and for more tips on making your hypnotic broadcast successfully mesmerizing!

Lady Hypnotist Has Appeared On:

AJ’s Playhouse Morning Show, 93.3/KHTS-FM (San Diego)
“Big Morning Hoohah,” 103.7/WSOC (Charlotte)
“Daily Noise”, (Las Vegas/internet)
The Dave Congalton Show, KVEC/920 AM (San Luis Obispo)
John Boy & Billy’s Big Show, FM Radio Show (Synd.)
KISS FM 101.9 (Las Vegas)
Playboy Radio, “Night Calls”
Playboy TV, “SexTreme Makeover”
Tech-TV, “Unscrewed”
Trejo & Nikki, Morning Show, 101.9/KISS-FM (Las Vegas)
The Willie & JoJo Show on Star 104.7/WSSS-FM (Charlotte)
And more!

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