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Lady Hypnotist Stage ShowsLady Hypnotist is headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. Her hilarious Hypnosis Stage Shows may be booked worldwide for groups of 100 or more. Her material can be customized for your group or event and ranges from “mild” to “wild”. The Lady Hypnotist Show is perfect for casino showrooms; large night clubs; comedy clubs; fairs and festivals; adult, alternative & lifestyle conventions; large parties (100 or more attendees); and avant-garde theaters.

Lady Hypnotist is not only a Nationally Performing Stage Hypnotist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, but also an Accomplished Radio Personality. Her spectacular Hypnosis Stage Shows range from mild to wild, and are always hilarious entertainment!

Lady Hypnotist’s Past Clients Include:

Airwalk International
Los Angeles Police Department
Riviera Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Viejas Casino, San Diego, CA


24-Hour Relay
AFS Financial Services
California Bank & Trust
Cal Poly Pomona
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Comedy Zone, Charlotte, NC
Comedy Zone, Pensacola, FL
Computer Associates
Cuesta College
Dr. Martens Shoes
Family Fun Center
Friday Night Live of California
Heartland Express
Jazzercise, Inc.
Joker’s Comedy Zone, AR
Mission Federal Credit Union
National Charity League
Northern California DeMolay
Planet-X, San Diego, CA
Rutgers University
State Farm Insurance
Tele-Cell, Inc.
University of La Verne
USC Panhellenic
and numerous fraternities and sororities…

Safe & Sober Grad Nites for:
Atascadero High School
Centennial High School
Garces Memorial High School
San Ramon Valley High School
Rancho Bernardo High School
San Dieguito Academy
Tustin High School
and many other schools…

Media Appearances:

AJ’s Playhouse Morning Show, 93.3/KHTS-FM (San Diego)
“Big Morning Hoohah,” 103.7/WSOC (Charlotte)
“Daily Noise”, (Las Vegas/internet)
The Dave Congalton Show, KVEC/920 AM (San Luis Obispo)
John Boy & Billy’s Big Show, FM Radio Show (Synd.)
KISS FM 101.9 (Las Vegas)
Playboy Radio, “Night Calls”
Playboy TV, “SexTreme Makeover”
Tech-TV, “Unscrewed”
Trejo & Nikki, Morning Show, 101.9/KISS-FM (Las Vegas)
The Willie & JoJo Show on Star 104.7/WSSS-FM (Charlotte)
And more!

The Lady Hypnotist Show

More About The Lady Hypnotist Show

If your group is searching for fun comedy entertainment, there is nothing more hilarious than a hypnosis show by Lady Hypnotist. Lady Hyp mixes up the laughs with the mystery of hypnosis and the thrill of audience participation into a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ve never seen anything like it!

Action-Packed, Vegas Style Entertainment!
The most popular female stage hypnotist in the country and one of only a handful working in the world today, Lady Hypnotist continually enthralls and amazes her audiences with her dynamic stage presence and masterful use of hypnosis. From instantly hypnotizing volunteers using only a point of her finger, to making grown men yell at their shoes and strip to their drawers, Lady Hypnotist is one of the most entertaining performers available. She will have your audience laughing hysterically while the volunteers have a blast on stage!

Getting Sleepy Yet…?
Lady Hypnotist’s action-packed shows begin when she takes volunteers from the audience, brings them up on stage and makes them the stars of the show. She’ll induce a deep hypnotic trance right there—no secrets—and that’s when things really get fun!

Uniquely Professional & Attractive
Lady Hyp is a professionally trained and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, the highest designation available in the field. She has performed nationally as a professional stage hypnotist for more than 15 years. Lady Hypnotist is unique in that she is both a highly skilled hypnotist and an attractive, sophisticated, female entertainer.

Shows From Mild To Outrageously WILD!
Lady Hypnotist has been a return favorite at many comedy clubs, casino showrooms, military parties, holiday celebrations, college & fraternity events, and more. Her professional, polished performances are also a hit at business conferences, fairs and conventions. Groups sized from 100 to 1,000 find her show hysterically entertaining and spellbinding. As one member of her audience said it, “From the moment she stepped on stage, I was gripped!”

The Entertainer You Want
Appropriate for large theaters or private events, Lady Hypnotist’s shows are customized to fit your audience and can include your program theme or corporate message. Let Lady Hypnotist be the keynote performer that motivates, entertains and energizes your participants. Your group is sure to be impressed with your choice and the audience will remember the show for a long time to come!

Other Services
Lady Hypnotist also offers self-hypnosis training for groups and transformational workshops for companies. Her line of specially developed hypnosis audio programs are some of the most effective subconscious conditioning available. To inquire about scheduling seminars, please use the Contact Form on the Contact Page.

To Book A Show

After relocating from Las Vegas, NV, Lady Hypnotist is now headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. She performs regularly throughout the country, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and all of Southern California. She is available for bookings worldwide (except in December) and LOVES to travel!

To inquire about booking a show, please use the Contact Form on the Contact Page.

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