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Lady Hypnotist creates high-quality, powerfully effective, hypnosis programs available to download instantly. Buy them here and enjoy a blissfully relaxing session in the privacy and comfort of your own home, whenever you want!

Each of these powerful hypnosis programs is a complete session, utilizing an original script, written by Lady Hypnotist, recorded in her soothing voice, and backed with hypnotic music, custom-created to her specifications.

High Quality Hypnosis Programs to Download Instantly:

Deep Hypnotic Conditioning
“Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” is exactly what the title states: a program for conditioning and training your mind for hypnosis. I recommend that everyone begin with DHC and use it for at least 7-21 days before progressing to another hypnosis program…
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Sleep Deeply Now
Fall asleep to guided hypnosis! If you have difficulty falling asleep, and often find yourself tossing and turning with your mind spinning away, you will love “Sleep Deeply Now!”, which was designed especially to lull listeners into a deep, restful slumber…
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Quick Relax
A short hypnosis session with beautiful background music that will help you relax and unwind during your busiest, most stressful days! It’s filled with suggestions to feel more relaxed and sleep better at night…
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Super Success
Let “Super Success” be your secret weapon for transforming your subconscious mind into a high-powered, ultra-motivated, goal-reaching machine!
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