Deep Hypnotic Conditioning Hypnosis MP3

“Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” is the program to deepen your hypnosis sessions and make them more effective!

“Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” is exactly what the title states: a program for conditioning and training your mind for hypnosis. I recommend that everyone begin with DHC and use it for at least 7-21 days before progressing to another hypnosis program. “Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” contains multiple inductions and deepenings. (It’s like hypno-exercises for your brain!)

With repeated use of this program, it will become easier for you to achieve trance more quickly and more deeply. In addition, you’ll get visualization practice as well. One program, consisting of multiple, progressive, induction and deepening techniques, it includes some of the commands I use in my stage shows, such as the eye catalepsy (eyes sealed shut) and more. Suggestions include deep relaxation, better and deeper trance sessions, and light conditioning to the sound of my voice. This program is especially recommended for beginners or those who wish to experience deeper trances.

*TIP*: Use this mp3 for at least 7-21 days (or until you easily respond to *every* suggestion) before moving on to another program. Come back to it periodically for more hypnosis conditioning.

Hypnosis with soft background music. Not to be listened to while driving!

“The professionalism of this product is by far the best I have seen/heard from this genre. Lady Hypnotist’s combination of stage and therapy hypnotic experience is unique and very effective. In the past, I have had trouble going very deep in a trance because of my damn analytical mind that is always checking on how I am doing, but Lady Hypnotist’s methods helped convince my mind that she had control of my body and therefore my mind. I can guarantee that I will be listening to these inductions at least the next 21 days and am looking forward to more programs. By the way, the prices of these products are extremely good compared to other sources and the quality is top notch…”

Just A Few Of The Powerful Hypnotic Suggestions Included In This Program:

“Just float peacefully for a moment, and enjoy this amazing feeling of bliss and contentment. Each and every time you listen to this hypnosis program, you’ll find that you relax more deeply and more easily. Since you are working with your subconscious, which is the most powerful part of your mind, you’ll experience lasting, positive results naturally and quickly. You know this is working, because you can already sense the positive changes taking place inside you right now…”

“You will also find that this program is a very enjoyable, very pleasant way to completely relax and unwind, to release your tensions and concerns and to feel blissfully euphoric and so very peaceful. You like this feeling…this dreamy, peaceful, happy feeling…and you enjoy it more each time you experience it…”

“It becomes easier and more natural, every time you go into hypnosis, to experience trance more quickly and more profoundly. You get deeper and deeper with every session and, the deeper and more relaxed you become, the more you enjoy the experience. It feels so good. And this good feeling lasts long after your session ends, making you more peaceful, more relaxed, and more content, in every way, throughout your daily life…”

“The better you become at entering hypnosis, the easier it is to improve your internal programming at will. You are the master of your mind. You are becoming an expert at making positive, effective, permanent life changes for yourself…”

Sample Clip of “Deep Hypnotic Conditioning”:

Deep Hypnotic Conditioning MP3 • Approx. 45 mins. • Available On Amazon Soon!

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More Customer Comments:

“I love DHC. It brought me a lot of pleasure and it helped me to become much more responsive to hypnosis…”

“DHC has a long, thorough hypnotic induction. This induction has enough features to let someone know that they have been ‘under’, while avoiding anything that could make someone offended or uncomfortable. It is excellent for it’s intended purpose: to train a subject to reach adequate hypnotic depth so that other, more specific results can be obtained…”

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