Quick Relax – Hypnosis MP3

Fast, Easy Relaxation & Rejuvenation – Hypnosis With Soothing Background Music

“Quick Relax” was created especially for those who are crazy-busy, stressed out, having trouble sleeping at night, unable to unwind, and otherwise in need of some quick, effective, de-stressing. I received lots of requests for such a program—something that wouldn’t be too long to fit into the average work day but would be both enjoyable in the moment and effective in enhancing relaxation long-term—and this is it!

“Quick Relax” is relatively short (less than 30 minutes!); it’s effective (lots of good relaxation and trance deepening techniques); and it’s an excellent use of your time, because it’s also filled with suggestions for feeling more relaxed throughout your day and sleeping better at night! Plus you will *love* how good it makes you feel!

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