Sleep Deeply Now – Hypnosis MP3

Fall asleep to guided hypnosis with soothing background music!

Fall asleep to guided hypnosis! If you have difficulty falling asleep, and often find yourself tossing and turning with your mind spinning away, you will love “Sleep Deeply Now!”, which was designed especially to lull listeners into a deep, restful slumber.

Unlike other hypnosis programs, “Sleep Deeply Now!” was created ESPECIALLY TO FALL ASLEEP TO. It will keep your “active mind” busy with visualizations and various hypnotic commands, while it soothes and relaxes you into a blissful and restful sleep.

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Deep Hypnotic Conditioning – Hypnosis MP3

“Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” is the program to deepen your hypnosis sessions and make them more effective!

“Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” is exactly what the title states: a program for conditioning and training your mind for hypnosis. I recommend that everyone begin with DHC and use it for at least 7-21 days before progressing to another hypnosis program. “Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” contains multiple inductions and deepenings. (It’s like hypno-exercises for your brain!)

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