Super Success – Hypnosis MP3

Guided Hypnosis With Soothing Background Music

Having difficulty staying motivated to achieve your goals? Perhaps you could use some help visualizing them? Let “Super Success” be your secret weapon for transforming your subconscious mind into a high-powered, ultra-motivated, goal-reaching machine!

This powerful program will not only help you visualize your current goals (so you can keep those eyes on the prize!), but it will also fill you with positively motivating suggestions for increased confidence, energy, creativity, focus, clarity and determination.

“Super Success” reaches your mind in two ways: with both a brief, guided visualization *and* lots of powerful, beneficial *direct hypnotic suggestions*. Like all of my hypnosis programs, it begins with a deeply relaxing hypnotic induction, and is backed with gorgeous, custom music, that will lull you into a blissfully enjoyable, highly effective trance state.

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Deep Hypnotic Conditioning – Hypnosis MP3

“Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” is the program to deepen your hypnosis sessions and make them more effective!

“Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” is exactly what the title states: a program for conditioning and training your mind for hypnosis. I recommend that everyone begin with DHC and use it for at least 7-21 days before progressing to another hypnosis program. “Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” contains multiple inductions and deepenings. (It’s like hypno-exercises for your brain!)

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