Dynamic Public Speaking – Hypnosis MP3

Dynamic Public Speaking – Hypnosis With Soothing Background Music
I’ve received many requests for a public speaking program and I’ve finally developed one that is outstanding! As an accomplished presenter and entertainer, I have particular expertise in this area. The result is an extraordinary guided hypnosis session filled with visualizations and tons of direct suggestions for confidence, poise, comfort and eloquence when speaking to one person or many. Read more

Quick Relax – Hypnosis MP3

Fast, Easy Relaxation & Rejuvenation – Hypnosis With Soothing Background Music

“Quick Relax” was created especially for those who are crazy-busy, stressed out, having trouble sleeping at night, unable to unwind, and otherwise in need of some quick, effective, de-stressing. I received lots of requests for such a program—something that wouldn’t be too long to fit into the average work day but would be both enjoyable in the moment and effective in enhancing relaxation long-term—and this is it!

“Quick Relax” is relatively short (less than 30 minutes!); it’s effective (lots of good relaxation and trance deepening techniques); and it’s an excellent use of your time, because it’s also filled with suggestions for feeling more relaxed throughout your day and sleeping better at night! Plus you will *love* how good it makes you feel!

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Deep Hypnotic Conditioning – Hypnosis MP3

“Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” is the program to deepen your hypnosis sessions and make them more effective!

“Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” is exactly what the title states: a program for conditioning and training your mind for hypnosis. I recommend that everyone begin with DHC and use it for at least 7-21 days before progressing to another hypnosis program. “Deep Hypnotic Conditioning” contains multiple inductions and deepenings. (It’s like hypno-exercises for your brain!)

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