Dynamic Public Speaking – Hypnosis MP3

Dynamic Public Speaking – Hypnosis With Soothing Background Music
I’ve received many requests for a public speaking program and I’ve finally developed one that is outstanding! As an accomplished presenter and entertainer, I have particular expertise in this area. The result is an extraordinary guided hypnosis session filled with visualizations and tons of direct suggestions for confidence, poise, comfort and eloquence when speaking to one person or many.

The listener is guided through the process of creating a powerful and effective anchor gesture which can be used in nearly any situation to generate feelings of confidence, poise, and calm. I put extra time in the induction on this one and added several of the techniques I use on stage, including the reinforced “sleep!” command and the eye catalepsy (eyes sealed shut). If you want to transform your communication skills, this is *the* hypnosis program for you!

Not to be listened to while driving!

Just A Few Of The Powerful Hypnotic Suggestions Included In This Program:“You’ll discover that this anchor pulls up an abundance of confidence, poise and eloquence from deep within your subconscious mind, and it does so instantaneously and effortlessly. Eventually—probably sooner than you expect—you will no longer need to make the actual gesture. Your anchor will become the act of speaking, itself. The moment you step on stage, pick up a microphone, or open your mouth to communicate, that magic switch will be thrown and your powerful, creative subconscious mind will take command. Words and ideas will flow from you with remarkable ease, imagination and clarity. These powerful feelings are now anchored deeply within you and that anchor will continue to grow stronger and more powerful with every passing day…”

“The right thing to say simply comes to you. Your subconscious mind is constantly working in the background, even while you sleep, formulating extraordinary, useful and imaginative ideas, thoughts and phrases. Your speaking ability improves every day. Each time you speak in front of others, your confidence and ability increases ten-fold. Your comfort zone expands exponentially with every passing day…”

Dynamic Public Speaking MP3 • Approx. 30 mins. • Available On Amazon Soon!

Customer Comments:
“‘Dynamic Public Speaking’ is a wonderful program. I’ve always wanted to ask a professional’s advice on how to become more comfortable and spontaneous with public speaking, and this program helps to do just that! With its logical flow, the progression of the program really does work to instill a ‘can-do’ attitude which can make the task of public speaking not so much of a task at all. Thanks to this awesome program, I actually find myself accepting more opportunities to do public speaking! The part about channeling a time when i was at my peak is absolutely brilliant, and the anchor has become a major part of my game plan whenever i happen to be out of that ‘comfort zone’. Thank you.”

“Both ‘Super Success’ and ‘Dynamic Public Speaking’ have helped my confidence a lot. I was surprised by how easily (and fast!) they worked. Butterflies? What butterflies?! Thank you, Lady Hypnotist!”