Article – Hypnosis FAQs

Lady HypnotistMagical Hypnosis…
Hypnosis IS surprising AND amazing! However, hypnosis is *also* a safe and natural process. In reality, hypnosis is simply a deep relaxation of the physical body and the conscious mind, which brings about a slight relaxing of one’s usual inhibitions. The subconscious mind remains clear, alert and focused. Hypnotic subjects are in no danger at any time. Their minds do not “check out” or enter an “alternate dimension.” At all times during a performance, the volunteers are aware enough, at the conscious level of their minds, to reject a suggestion or even to leave the show, if they so desire. Hypnotists do not have any magical power over their subjects. The truth is, what hypnotists have is knowledge and skill. Good hypnotists also have a quick sense of humor, strong intuition, powerful stage presence and soothing, rhythmic voices. Mix those skills with the power already inside the minds of the volunteers and that’s magic enough… Read more

Article – Getting The Most Out Of Your Hypnosis Audio Sessions

Purchasing one of my hypnosis recordings is only the first step in the process—you’ve got to actually use the program in order to obtain any measurable benefits from it. The following tips and suggestions will help you get the most out of your hypnosis audio sessions.

1) First guideline: never listen to a hypnosis program while driving or operating any heavy machinery. Remember, hypnosis audio programs are created specifically to guide you into deep relaxation. Your eyes will close, your body will become loose and limp and you will be significantly distracted from your current surroundings. Don’t listen to your new audio session while driving! Instead, give the program your undivided attention and give yourself every opportunity to respond as fully as possible. Read more

Article – Hypnosis: What Is It and Why Use It?

Misconceptions abound regarding hypnosis: is it magic? is it brainwashing? is it real? is it dangerous? It is my intention with this short article to provide a clear, simple explanation of what hypnosis is and why it could be beneficial for you to use it regularly.

First of all, hypnosis is not magic or brainwashing. Really. Hypnosis is simply a natural state of deep, physical relaxation in which your subconscious mind becomes highly alert and focused. It feels blissful and dreamy and very comfortable. Hypnosis is similar to that lethargic feeling right before you fall asleep.

If you have ever practiced “meditation”, then you already know what hypnosis feels like. Again, it’s simply deep, physical relaxation. Read more